Bowling Green Southern Kentucky Tea Party

Brewing Liberty in Your Hometown!

Calling All Patriots

This year, it's not enough to just vote.

Many first-time candidates have stepped up to run for office across Kentucky and the United States, ordinary citizens determined to make a difference.  "Hot button" issues vary, but these conservative, liberty-minded candidates have one common goal:  to serve their constituents under guidelines of the U.S. and state constitutions, replacing the long-term politicians who have failed us.  This year, please volunteer your time, talent and/or treasure to the candidate(s) of your choice.  Our city, county, state and country depend on your participation.

Are You Ready to Help Yet?

In 2012 we witnessed an extraordinary erosion of liberties when the Supreme Court upheld the intrusive, overreaching, tax-stuffed obamacare bill.  In 2013, we're witnessing its predicted effects as employers delay hiring or reduce employee hours and benefits to avoid obamacare's trap. 2013 also revealed how the Internal Revenue Service was used to restrain tea parties and other grass roots groups - a violation for which no one has yet been held accountable. We learned of the political cowardice and lies that left four Americans to die at Benghazi.

As we head into a sixth year without a federal budget, Republicans and Democrats bicker over budget and taxation issues that should have been settled long ago.  We're witnessing a stunningly petty president who roped off the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. to prevent aging veterans from visiting. And even more stunning, we've watched progressive republican congressmen publicly turn on tea party republicans. At the state level, Kentucky's Democrat governor not only supports the president's destructive policies but pursues plans that labeled Kentucky one of the worst run states. 

It takes ordinary citizens - like you - to keep our elected officials in check and ensure our republic works well.  Tea parties need your help, now more than ever.

Engage your commitment to Liberty - JOIN US!



We appreciate the wonderful meeting space at the Cambridge Market & Café.  You won't find better homestyle food anywhere, including a too-big-to-finish chicken salad sandwich!  Check here for menu and specials.


Who are We?  We are concerned citizens who are alarmed at the recent turn of events and wish to participate in our civic processes to effect improvement.  We hope to work with democratically elected representives currently in office, as well as those who wish to run for office. 

What do We stand for?  We stand for responsible government that reflects the values of its citizens and not special interest groups.  We believe that lower taxes, sound fiscal policy and limited, constitutionally based governance provide the most solid platform for prosperity.